The British Office for Ukraine has now closed.

Please visit the successor organisation Global Britain Authority

The Global Britain Panel is now a congressional body of The Supreme Congress

The British Digital Service is now part of the Commonwealth Digital Service

About the panel

The Global Britain Panel was created by HM Government to monitor and oversee the work of the committees working on Global Britain to ensure that all work is done in the interest of the public. The panel is independent to HM Government, and its’ members are appointed, financed and accountable directly to the House of Lords of the United Kingdom in respect to activities related to Global Britain.

The committees working on Global Britain are creating the Global Britain Framework - an enhanced and useful version of Global Britain that is the key future legislation of foreign policy for the United Kingdom, that will establish internationally recognised templates of relations, to regulate how political, social and economic relationships and unity with the United Kingdom should work, and how such should be applied between member states within the Commonwealth, setting the geopolitical standard and example for all, to achieve global peace, unity, cooperation and prosperity for every human being.

For further information you are advised to read the guidance on Global Britain